PharmaSynergy OTC: 2023

#PharmaSynergy 2023 took place on the 14th - 15th of September in Milan (and online)


Portfolio focus on:
OTC, CHC, Nutraceuticals, Dermo-cosmetics & Consumer medical devices

What is PharmaSynergy OTC?

PharmaSynergy OTC is a partnering event for pharma BD & distribution executives focused on OTC/CHC products.
In addition to partnering meetings, PharmaSynergy OTC offers an engaging and informative agenda that delves into the latest industry trends and analytics, successful commercial strategies, and growth drivers, highlighting opportunities in growth markets.
PharmaSynergy OTC runs product-focused B2B partnering meetings specifically designed for companies with portfolios in:
#Nutraceuticals & #FSMP
#Dermocosmetics / #medical_cosmetics
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How Does B2B Partnering Work?

The main objective of the event is to provide meeting opportunities powered by an intelligent digital platform; for growth companies interested in business development and commercial collaborations.
The event offers a digital platform that allows attendees to look for a specific company or a product and then schedule, arrange and attend pre-booked 1-2-1 business meetings.
The PharmaSynergy partnering platform opens two weeks before the live event and ample time is provided to allow attendees to book meetings. The digital platform remains open until the end of the month allowing for plenty of opportunities to network.

2023 PharmaSynergy - OTC Programme

A key value-added feature of the PharmaSynergy-OTC event is its professional and tailored content, designed to meet the specific needs and interests of our audience. We strive to offer not only interesting topics and real cases but also content that is inspiring and actionable for all attendees.

During the upcoming event in Milan in September, we discussed a wide range of relevant subjects, including:

  • Global analytics and consumer insights
  • Innovations in the OTC/CHC industry
  • Rx-to-OTC switch strategies
  • Strategic portfolio growth in the pharmaceutical sector
  • Commercial excellence practices
  • Global markets and partnership opportunities
  • Add-on therapy projects in the nutraceutical space